Wednesday, January 5, 2011

guys read this pls

i miss izzie farhah maddy kammy almaz juek nako..i miss having you guys when i have problems.but this time around i really need to be on my own..i've had enough of burdening you guys with my problems.i'm fine i'm not sad i'm just can be very tiring to deal with something not worth my time and can be very demanding at times..this is one of those..i'll be back when i've got my energy the mean time,take care kayh..i love you guys sooooo damn much :)


JUEK said...

idzni : u take care tauu. kitorg always ade here for uuu :")

♪ almaz ♪ said...

true. idzni abaikan je diorg. kt dunie ney mmg byk org pelik2. kwn mkn kwn, lwn mkn kwn, kwn mkn lwn, *okay da mula merepek* anything just gtaw je. will always be there and support you =))

IzziaraYusoff said...

takde hal la. jgn pkir u ngh burden org. itu guna ada kwn kan. ;) i miss u too, tc. :)