Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

semoga semuanya selamat!

i have lot of frens studying in egypt. reading the news, i'm thinking about how they're doing..especially my best fren in Alexandria. o Allah give them strength and please protect them..pleaseee T.T

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 cakes in 3 days

japanese soft cheesecake
banana cake n choc topping
vanila cake n caramel pudding topping

i guess i'm too stress and i cudnt to ease my mind i bake..yeay..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

menjawab soalan seseorg

i dont know why people love to talk about me..sometimes i'm tired listening to things they said..haha..and another thing is fb chat! i dont do fb chat except with my family or close friends no matter how hard you try to chat with me,cakap laaa sombong ke bajet cun ke ape2 laaah,it wudnt change anything.

and satu bnda nk clarify..hari tu adelah satu manusia ini menyampaikan rase curious nye kpd saye..omg bhs rojak gilaa lah..xkisah laa...dia ckp cmni,idzni knp ko xde bf lg,bkn slalu ko single lame2 ni(ok ini agak siot,hahha) n aku dgr ade je suka ko knp xsuka dia?ke ko still xleh get over the previous guy?

phewwww..*smbil menarik nafas dalam2*
pasal knp xnk cr bf tu ckp laaa kalau sy jwb bukan masenya laagi..i did like sum1 but i just cant picture myself being in a rshp xtau laa kan kot esok lusa ttbe thomas muller dtg melamar and nak masuk islam saye onnn je..haha..n psl org suka tuh no comment sbb mcm ntah..stakat suka2 sy pun slalu je suka2 utk tgk bnda ni as serious nye bnda mcm malas je..n pasal xleh get over ni part yg plg pntg..there's a big different in not being able to get over sum1 before n not yet ready for the next one. saya suka analogy batchmate sy..dia ckp past rshp ni macam luka kt tgn..bila luka kita sapu ubat letak plaster n stuff..n one day luka tu da sembuh tp parut tu ttp ade..mksdnye bila kita tgk luka tuh kita da xrase pape..da xsakit laah sbb vascular spasm,coagulation plug and jugak clotting cascade telah menjalankan tugas dgn baik*revision medic sket* tp bila kita tgk parut tuh kita akn igt oh ni time sy jatuh longkang naik basikal bajet hebat xnk pegang same laaa..bilaaa org ckp psl tu,of course bnda tu dtg balik tp stkt dtg je's been quite long tho so y not bia je yg lps jd bnda yg lepas..

pasal ade bf ke xde bf ke tu xde kaitan..i guess medicine dah buat saye rase menarik utk stay single..knp?sbb waktu tdo tunggang langgang..fon xtau kemana..layan drama korea xigt's been easy that way..n probably as i said before i'm not yet ready to throw myself into a dramatic scene and let my heart be vulnerable. 4months of happiness without a single tear*except utk drama korea n jugak drama indon hari tuh* makes me feel complete!

so encik yg menanya harap berpuas hati dgn jwpn ye..


Saturday, January 22, 2011


it's weekend again and i'm so happy coz i can rest a bit and actually treasure few beautiful moments in my dreamland! it takes a good deep sleep to recharge my energy..well,i cooked roti jala for lunch!i'm happy that it turned out the be good*i wud want to say great but people say it's better to be humble aite?hahha*

i keep staring on my list of lecture notes i need to revise for my upcoming exam.i wish my juniors back in ky read this post-if u guys are complaining about having so many things to be covered n studied for in such a limited time..atleast u've got one whole year to study. these are the lists that i need to cover and i've only been taught for 6 weeks! another 3 weeks i'm gonna have my they teach me 9 weeks and give me no study leave and in 9 weeks in total i need to force all these info into my brain..each lecture note consists of 4-5 u do the math! i'm not complaining..this is what i've choosen and i'm grateful that i choose this path..i just want you guys to appreciate the time you guys have and just give your very best! A level is not easy but if you put enough effort,everything is worthwhile! i shall start digging my brain and try my best for my guys do the same okie??adios :)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


when i look at the mirror,i wonder what the future holds for me.i wonder how long i'll be living in this world.i wonder what exactly my aim in this life?what are the things i want to accomplish?if i were in high school probably my answer would be i want to be the most popular girl in the school.or maybe i want to be praise for my beauty. or i'll be the attention seeker who would do anything to get what i want.

i love being reflective!by doing that i help myself to appreciate things.
as a teenager,i could not deny the desire to love or to be loved so that's why all my previous posts are mostly about love but this one is a little bit different but i'd like to use love to explain what i want to say.

if we're in love,the guy promises to be with us every single day and he says that he wont let us down.he wont let us cry a single tear and he wants us to be happy..we're over the moon..we trust him.we build the castle in the air hoping that there would be possible ways to bring us up there.imagine how hurtful it can be when that guy leaves with no reason.we would call him liar and will hate him for the rest of our life without knowing that we do the same thing 5 times a day!

when we pray,we say in the doa iftitah 'sesungguhnya solatku,ibadahku,hidupku dan matiku hanya untuk Allah'. it's a very bold statement to make.we promise that 5 times a day but do we ever think about it?do we really mean it? God gives us a lot and i dont think we can manage to list down all of it but the only thing we can do everyday is mourning over what we cannot have?the things that aren't meant to be ours-there must be a reason why God doesnt want us to have it.can we just accept the fact that He knows best?coz He knows every single thing!

my friend told me this-Allah berfirman 'barangsiapa tidak rela dengan keputusanKu dan tidak pula bersyukur dengan pemberianKu maka hendaklah dia cari tuhan lain selain Aku'
it's like a slap on my face.i used to complain a lot!i used to cry over things,asking why did i need to go through these without knowing that He just want to prepare me coz the future holds more challenges.

so why not taking this chance,while we still alive to make a difference in ways we see and accept things.why not trying our best to have the most faith we could ever give to Him,the one who knows everything!n why not trying to atleast avoid grumbling about small things.a complete turn over is not easy but we can start by atleast trying to improve bit by bit.. :)

personal updates!
3 weeks from now i'm having another exam.medicine is tough but i like it.when you are doing something for the one you love,you'll bear with anything to make it parents and my family are my everything. if it wasnt them, i cudnt think of anyone else that can accept me the way i of the easiest way to pay back the un-payable debt is by being a doctor-fulfilling my dad's dream to see his daughter wearing the white coat with stethoscope winding around the chaiyoook idzni..u can do this!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

God :)

i asked for strength
you gave me difficulties to make me strong
i asked for wisdom
you gave me problems to solve
i asked for prosperity
you gave me energy and brain to work
i asked for love
you gave me troubled people to help
i asked for courage
you gave me danger to overcome
i asked for favors
you gave me opportunities
i received nothing i wanted
but i have everything i ever needed
and for that i can never deny
you know what's best for me and i'm grateful for what u've given me


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

guys read this pls

i miss izzie farhah maddy kammy almaz juek nako..i miss having you guys when i have problems.but this time around i really need to be on my own..i've had enough of burdening you guys with my problems.i'm fine i'm not sad i'm just can be very tiring to deal with something not worth my time and can be very demanding at times..this is one of those..i'll be back when i've got my energy the mean time,take care kayh..i love you guys sooooo damn much :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011