Saturday, December 11, 2010


exam result was released yesterday and i passed..all of us medicine we dont have 1st class or second class..we just have pass of fail..Alhamdulillah.. i'm so happy.

dear God,i sincerely thank you for everything that i have in my life. i asked you for good friends,u give me a family.last night was awesome. we went to winter wonderland..there are 10 of us because the 3rd year students need to study for their upcoming exam. this new family i have take a very good care of me. we share almost everything.tears and laughters,snow or shine. with them being around everything seems easy.when we,the 1st year were struggling for our exam,they cooked for us.they taught us things we need to know.they gave us bundle of past papers to help us facing the exam.they wanted us all to pass coz they dont want anyone to be sent back home-it happened before.

i'm going to spain this winter break.with my seniors..2nd year :)
we're heading to malaga-where the coast are just soooo great and then to granada.cordoba and back to malaga. the best part of this is the accommodation .we're staying in the sea view apartment and it's sooooo beautiful.and in cordoba we're staying in a penthouse. i'm looking forward for this holiday.

it's my biggest concern right now.i've been putting up so much weight since i gets worse when i found my latent talent in cooking.haha..but then people say i need it for winter..yeah this sounds like seeking solace for myself but i'm blaming the cold weather and the difficulties in doing exercises..sejuuuuuuuk kooooot..when winter says goodbye,i'm gonna get my ideal weight back.BMI lies,it always say that i'm ideal weight according to BMI is 50kg which is crazy!

adrenaline-rush event?let's see who's better!bring it on,you! :)


-hazen said...


cik. bulan satu saya nak ke Spain.
boleh ke nak tanya fasal spain?

kalau sudi berkongsi, ym saya ok