Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i find my passion in cooking is developing very rapidly nowadays. i never love cooking this much but when you actually see the happy faces of all the people that eat the meals you serve,it's the best feeling's unexplainable but yeah it does make me happy.i've always amazed by people that know how to cook but recently i've realised that it's not that hard..the most important ingredient is 'the willingness' :)

mmg betul laaa..ble duk jauh ni baru laaa betul2 kenal maksud matang and independent tu ape..banyak benda kena buat sendiri tp in a way bagus laaaaa...
my next birthday,it's like the most important's a huge transformation from having 1 to 2 in front of my age..but looking at things i've actually absorbed and keep inside me,i think i'm ready..being matured doesnt mean that i need to lose my childish side* i do have but only certain people can actually see that*

sekarang sgt exciteeeed blajaaaaa masak..weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)