Friday, December 10, 2010


why do we need someone in order to be happy?it's simply because others do.we're so independent and easily influenced by this stereotypical world. we do something just for the sake of not wanting to be the odd one.

yeah of course at some point in life,you would find someone that fits your world perfectly.but to those who just want partner because they don't want to be stigmatized as "xlaku" or whatever is unacceptable. worse is when a person really mourn over his/her single-ness. there are a lot of ways to be happy. it's not that you dont have boyfriend and your happiness is gone. relationship never stay too long at the top you see. there would always be arguments,bad times and tear-inducing events. it's not as pretty as we always imagine.this world aint a fairy tale.

just go out,have fun with your friends and dont think about'll come when it's supposed to-my common advice when people come and complain about not having someone to care about n to be cared by.
easier said than done when yooou can easily get anyone you have in mind idzni-ceeeeit aku pulak yg kena..hahahha life sucks as well. i cried like hell at times but i find no point letting all this misery controls my life.i have good friends.i figure out most of my interest when i'm single-when i have nobody to think of and to miss as it's kinda true when people say being single just mean you want more time to get to know yourself and it can also mean that you haven't found the right one who deserves you :). not trying to seek solace here but that's the best side of it.

i learn how to cook, go out mingle around with everyone, shopping spree with my friends, having good meals with all the seniors. i'm having a great time so why cant you my dearest friends?happiness doesnt only mean you have to sit 3 hours in front of your laptop skyping with your means much more than you just need to open up and live your life. love is not like bicester shopping village-you have not lived untill u're there atleast once..*weird analogy..hahaha

the lonely syndrome everyone is talking about..yeah coudnt agree more..when you're far away from your family,your friends spread all over uk,and you just have few good friends at your uni and they always have bf with them all the time.the urge to get one increases rapidly.i know. but then again it's not worth all the pain if u're just not into someone and force urself just because you want to have someone by your side..not worth your time at all.

sometimes i'm sick of listening to people whining about how miserable life is when nobody cares-eh hello wait till you have someone and i'm sure u'll be grumbling about not having enough time for yourself or she just dont understand you or maybe she wants everything to follow her way or even worse-she's not the one. tell me about it. i have a lot of guys coming to me with bundle of relationship problems seeking for opinion on what to do,so i know.

how could you easily forget A and now you're having another crush?or he's just a rebound?how could it be that easy for you to move's like a slap on the face..hahaha..
it's NOT easy but world doesnt stop spinning even if i cry a river for what's's not that i can change anything if i weep about it longer than i actually did. 2 weeks rule-never ever cry more than two weeks about anything ANYTHING that makes you works :)
and about moving on it's not that i can choose what i want to feel.sometimes i let my heart goes over my head.and rebound?never existed in my life coz when i have a crush on someone i'm going crazy about him-my best friends and my sisters know this..hahaha..cant stop thinking and talking about that special someone. for me, those who have left-it doenst meant they're simply means that their story in my life has ended. and of course a new story begins :)

i'm not trying to say that seeking the right one is not good,it's just that dont let it take too much of your time coz it will eventually happen one the mean time,sit back relax and enjoy life as much as you possibly could.

abnormalities when having crush to a medical student- conversation starts with something about medicine,less dependent as we're all busy,sharing thoughts about disease or patient's condition,asking about exams..haha..apekaaaah??