Tuesday, December 7, 2010

lets talk about fate

well people say so much about everything happens for a reason,so much that sometimes you feel like you've had enough of it..enough of listening to people babbling about seeing things from a bright side when all you can see is only darkness. i say that to my frens as well,most of the time when something unpleasant happen. but i know we can only bring a horse to the water,not forcing them to drink.we can only show em the way to look at things but not pushing their heads so that they'll look at the same direction as we do..

there are things in life that take a little longer than the other to be figured out-the reason why they happen that way.

relationship wise-there are people meeting in wrong time though they have mutual feelings.some of them are one sided n when the other side starts to develop the feeling,the previous one fades..the time is not right! but i've always had this idea in mind..one day one fine day everyone will meet the right one at the right time..so in the mean time enjoy all the confusion and just be happy.i'm proud to say this-i've told you..once u've met the right one,u'll do ur best,seek every opportunity to make it right n not letting the past haunts you,u're not confused as u used to,u're not afraid to tell people bout it-yes that's what i meant when i said i think i'm not the one :)
i can smile and let things go easily. i have to admit u were right when you said i'll be better off as time goes by..indeed it's true.

i've had enough of making decision on my own and not listening to people. n now i make a vow to myself that whatever comes my way,it'll stay that way..i wont try to change it but i'll make it suit me.

i've found a person that really makes me happy.in his own weird way.i used to say this a lot-it's too early to say anything-
but now with the new vow here it is a confession-u're extraordinary :0