Thursday, December 30, 2010

bye2 2010

2010 leaves quite a significant impact to my's a very crucial phase of growing up and i think i've learned a lot this year. reminiscing the past by looking and reading at all the entries i've posted proves that yes life has its ups and down. let's just forget all the bad memories and just take the good one.

frankly speaking none of the tears was ever wasted. it was a great experience facing all those obstacles and finding myself now closer to my dream. another exam is coming in a month time so i guess i should start revising noooow :)

i love my life..i love doing medicine..i love being in london..i love knowing how to coook..i love being able to control my emotion and start to be less sensitive.i looooove the fact that i'm turning 20 in 2011 coz for me that indicates maturity ;)