Sunday, November 7, 2010

grab the present peeps!

Stop living for what maybe or what may never come.
Live for the day that is already here. :) quoting farhah anor!

1000% agree! but basically only experience can tell you this in a form that you'll believe it.coz somehow it can be just a sentence being said but the meaning can be ambiguous depending on which way we'd like it to be..

my mom always said accept everything that has happened to you,it has been planned by God who knows everything.we're so small,we cant even see what's happening in a room next to us with only 5cm of wall being in the middle. yes the future is not ours to see..but it doesnt mean that we have to stop pouring our effort for what you want but trust God if it happens not as you expected.He KNOWS best!

it's weird when people say i'm not happy or my life sucks-i used to tell myself as well..arent we being ungrateful? happiness is something we can control.if we learn to accept things rather than going around complaining about what shoud've happened,life wud be more fun and grinning wud probably be easier than groaning.i dont blame people if they're sad about something..we cant help it sometimes. everyone would be upset if her dream is being tore down but to mourn for the rest of your life might not be worth as creating a new dream and work again.failure is just another form of success. success in eliminating the wrong ways of going to the right that it would be easier to choose next time around.

i used to live in my past hoping everything would stay the same as it was before,telling myself the present is only a nitemare and it'll go away soon-i just need someone to wake me up- not knowing that i actually was torturing myself.
i also used to live in the future,being a dreamer-how lovely when i can plan everything and it happens exactly as what i've imagined not knowing that i've abandoned my present and my chance of truly being happy rather than just in my dream.

now i'm trying to live in the right time..neither will i forget my past-it's a great teacher tho-nor that i would give up on my dream-it makes me happy!..but i'll definitely tie my feet on the ground so that i'll be as stable as nothing can bring me down.

sometimes we need to cry,to clear up our vision and help us see better.tears make us realize the beauty of a smile.

no matter what happened,let us go back to our creator.ask Him for guidance let Him tell us what's the best and sometimes the way He tells us may not be in our preferable wish list but arent the final outcome is the most important thing??the outcome that leads us to choose the right way.