Friday, October 8, 2010

turn the frown:( upside down :)

haha..this is funny..what?nothing..haha...too soon to say anything but i just hope that it's not just another game i have to play and lose..haha..going to maddy's this evening..i think this might be my last time going out during weekend..oh God,so much to do..i mean we're kinda the most relax nye medical students tp the thought of the exam's coming this nov scares us enough to atleast do some revision..went to hospital yesterday for interviewing the patient was fun..when i said i'm not going out does not mean i'm sitting down in my room and's like i dont wanna go outside london except during a long break.

well i kinda enjoy my life right now..learning process is fun especially when you can see the outcomes.i cooked yesterday...lasagne and ayam kurma..n n n i made my orangy white choc cheese cake :D..
was longing to bake some cupcakes but i guess i'll wait for anyone's bday in oct then i'll make it :))