Friday, October 1, 2010

pretty life

oh well,life's quite miserable i mean unorganized coz i still do not get the hang of the whole thing-medical student?!!!???
i'm afraid that i wud feel complacent which i cant afford to i shud get going..start planning much to do but i can do this..come on!! :D
the motivator,arent you suppose to motivate me???but u're dont have to study as much as i shud..omg..i adore you..i mean your brain!!!
i'm planning to learn how to play guitar..hehe..thinking about joining dance club but still wawa said,we're so not going to be a nerdy so gotta make our lives interesting..does that sound a bit like trying to hard??hahaha..but yeah,it's pretty boring to just go to class,come back n online n then sleep..maddy went to bristol this here i am again,a loner..hahaha..but then we have something good tonight..hahaha :))))
life is pretty!