Thursday, October 14, 2010


rome wasnt built in a day:)
n life is like a keeps on times,u're up there n the other u would be at the bottom.but what makes life interesting is when you can actually love what you have n start to see things from different view coz you once,have been in the most miserable when something makes you happy,you'll tend to smile all day taught me to be strong but sometimes i like being weak.i like making mistakes for it is easier you see to remind your own self not to repeat that again.

i love making wrong decision coz somehow i know that it leads to something right but it isnt showing the real self yet.i love being pessimist coz its either i'll be proven right or pleasantly surprised.

if you look at it from a different scale,you would be very surprise of how much actually you've is not easy but i promise i'll make it worthwhile..
the sun shines n the world is smiling..:)