Sunday, October 17, 2010

fly up high in the sky

kenapa sume org nak fly..kenapa nak datang sangat oversea ni??ape yg best sgt??

okay..4 weeks being here apart from the fact that i have quite a lot to do in term of study,everything else is fun..even in malaysia i'm sure medical students are as busy as us so that cancels out each other :)

to start with of course the weather..though it can be pretty annoying when it becomes very cold but we dont sweat nothing to be worried if i forget to use deodorant but most of the time i use it coz it has become more or less like a 'must' thing to do.

we walk to most of the may take about 40 mins walk to the hospital or the place we'd like to visit but walking is fun especially when you have atleast a fren to accompany you.i've never loved walking as i do now minus the part that i always get lost when finding places..

meeting new people are amazing especially when in queen mary..all the seniors are so helpful and treat us like family..i love it here..they're willing to show us where to buy stuff despite the hectic life they're dealing with.they even pick us at tube station if we come back at night for safety reason..

chances to go and explore new places.i havent gone to lotsa places but surely will..went to bristol last week and it's full of fun..cant wait for paris,spain,italy,germany and so on n s forth.
being away from family increase the level of interdependency to ownself. i have to do things on my own,manage my spendings,my bills and my money of course but that's how i acquire living skills..haha cant believe how i could transform from a person that only be in the kitchen to bake to quite a good cook!i cooked few times and it wasnt bad at all..lasagne,pasta,spaghetti,ayam kurma,nasi goreng..cheesecake-my specialty..
i cooked more western food compared to malaysian one coz it's easier to find the ingredients..hehe words can perfectly describe but it's great..4 weeks being here i have bought 3 coats,4 shoes,2 shirts,2 jeans not to mention all the essentials such as printer,iron,mixer..bla bla bla..and i have edward cullen's poster in my roooom...n an iphone 4 :))

i love chocs and it's very cheap here..bad thing about ths is i ate a lot..getting fatter each day..oh god..kena jog..aiseeeeyyyyyh..
i may miss few details but it's such a beautiful experience to be guys,almaz shikin ati n asheeeeeeee n sume2 my juniors laaaah,study very very hard and dtg cni kayh.. imy so much guys :)


shikingojes. said...

idzni ni suke cerita2 yg menjeleskan shikin..arghhh! :DD
pls3 hopefully dpt fly jugak..nak gak pkai iphone 4 n shopping menggila..<3