Saturday, October 2, 2010


i dont even get to pass the 1st hurdle,there it comes another one sitting beside me.i dont wanna think about this too deep but you know how hard to stand at the end of a road that diverges into different paths which i could never possibly decide what's the best for think about myself or think about others,which one shud be my priority,it makes me wonder should i take a step back.but it isnt fair..why not letting time,again chooses which way to sounds simple as it seems but somehow it's complicated in the see,i'm glad that the world has been right side up again,i started to feel a bit like i'm on the cloud9..n that one thing though i might mistakenly regard it as what i think it is,the thought makes me happy and who cares if it isnt true.sometimes the dreams can make an enchanted leap to reality.positive much??haha