Friday, September 10, 2010

sorry :D

sorry.a word that now has become underrated i must say..people say it too often till it seems to has lost its meaning somehow.but still it is significant if being said sincerely.raya is a day when you can apologise without being asked why.
this is the perfect time to actually clean up old sins and start to try improving oneself.

well,i never took saying sorry as some kind of a failure to win but it's more on the strength to be able to face the mistakes being done.sometimes i say sorry to people that i know i didnt start the fight with just to not letting the things go on too long.
we made mistakes and we still make it each day but the most important thing is to admit and try to profit from that.mistakes are the best teacher but life is too short to make all ours,so technically we can always try to learn from others' as well :)

so people!start saying sorry and be nice to others.we do not live that long to be by our own.we need others! :D