Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sleep 4vea

i was feeling a bit tired these few days.but thank God i'm done with visa n mara's agreement..i just need to wait for the allowance to be given so that i can proceed to the most exciting thing in my to do list-shopping!!!

well today i went to kl central to apply for enrich card-to get extra 10kg for my check in baggage(for MAS only)
n then we,me syawal and maddy took our steps to pwtc-thru masjid jamek interchange station to do our isis card-this card enable us to get a lot of discounts world wide :D-i love discounts,who doesnt aite?oh i almost forget,at 8.30 am,i walked to the nearest school to certify my documents n jd witness utk laaa nasib org merantau..kalau kt kelantan kn senang...;((

then i went on my own to LHDN petaling jaya,kena matikan stem utk perjanjian..then g mara anta segalanya...fuhhhh..lega....but then abg najib (mara officer) said,idzni!yg laptop ni you kena cop pembekal..g balik kt sunway pyramid n then baru submit tau.

i was like what????oh pleaseeeeeeee..:(((

weekend ni lah g sunway buat sume tuuuu..haih..

i just have about 2 weeks to be spent here,so kinda occupied..i felt sooooooooooooo tired but then i know this will pass n after these two weeks,i'll enjoy myself in london n the next week,my gf will join me..

God,i'm so tired but actually this helps me a lot to get to sleep easily every nite..thank know what's the best for me.

went to a lot of places that brought up old memories to the surface but trust me,it wont go beyond that anymore :))


: nako : said...

hectic days much yaa? LOL
it gonna end soon once everything's over, real rainbows is waiting :))

i chose not to apply for ISIS card my senior said in few countries u can't get discount fr hotels.? :XX

be strong hun, we believe in blessing in disguise don't we? tehee.
tc, xxx.