Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the real last time

i'm off to kl tonite.so this is my last day in kelantan.it's hard to express the feeling i have inside.have you ever felt that it is the one thing that you really want in yourlife but it takes a lot of what you have in order for that ONE thing to be real?it's true,to have something good that lies ahead,sometimes we need to sacrifice something near to us.have you ever felt that you really want something but you know that it's not good for you,u just dont care,u want it..have you ever felt that u've made the right choice but you just dont know where to go from that moment u made that decision?have you ever felt so lost and nothing is in your mind except for that decision you've made?have you ever felt that you know being optimistic can help you but this time you just want to be the opposite?coz the beauty of being a pessimist is either you'll be proven right or pleasantly surprised.

those are few things bothering me this lately.insyaAllah i'll be leaving on the 20th sept 2010 at 10am in the morning.mara will confirm the date by today but i guess it's gonna be 20th.i dont know whether i'm ready for this or not but i'm sure taht i wont be able to stop my tear from flowing that day.what i'll left behind is like part of myself and how do i survive??
from the other side,i guess i'm pretty excited..this is what i want ever since i was in pc.nk fly g uk :)

my blog is like really about me most of the time and i think only those who r close to me read it.so guys,i'm gonna leave real soon.i'm gonna miss you guys sooooo badly..please please take care and dont forget all the memories we've shared.i love you guys so much for being a part of me..that i can never erase.


thanks for everything
you've been there most of the time
when i really need
a hand to hold
a shoulder to lean on

when i was suffocating struggling
when i cant see anything
coz tears have overflowed
when i cant see the sun
you didnt show me but you just sit there
smile and say
it'll come out someday.

i can do nothing much
to repay all those good deeds
but my prayers would always be with you
so that all the cloudy dreams
will one day emerge
to be
the enchanting reality

IDZNI loves you and that's y i upload this pics..our last shopping together this year..we'll have another one next year okayh:)



♪ almaz ♪ said...

idzni!!! upload jugak gmbr muke confuse 2! last2 x amek pn smue beg. ipod juge mnjadi sasaran. hee~ idzni...take care kay? n u know that everything happens for a reason. i think you've seen it already =) andd..almaz x buat byk bnde pn la. iskk. idzni je dgr almaz bebel sebut name2 pelik. hee~ n we'll pray for each other's success kay? nk fly ohh! anyh0w, nk apply soton lah. cantek XD

nik idzni dalila said...

ahaha..ipod nano vs bag?like hello kn..tp sumpah2 pink itu hot :)
will do,korg pun tc jg.idzni msti rndu korg gaduh2 suara kuat ngn ati or shikin..haha...exactly!da nmpak..hahaha..idzni ske kot dgr almaz bebel..bebel bhs ganu lg idzni like like like :D
okayh..idzni mmg doakan korg..the best juniors ever lah :)
apply laaa soton...mmg cun...tp city or kent lg dekat utk kita g shopping sesame nnti :))
all da best n tc again :)

shikingojes. said...

alaaaa idzni..post cmni buat ktorg lg sedih jek.ishh..idzni pls pls jge diri tau..xmo sedih2.gdluck.
nti ktorg gaduh kuat2 dkt skype bg idzni tgk..hee.

nik idzni dalila said...

hahhaha...shikin...idzni pun sedih nk tggl msia tercinta ni..hahha..tp xpe2..nnti next yer korg ade skali..yeay..nnti pape pun mesti keep in touch yer sume!jgn nk sombong2 ngn idzni..kalau x idzni balik nnti,idzni g bomb ky...hahahaha :p