Wednesday, September 22, 2010

london is treating me well

though i miss malaysia,i have to is fun n's the best way of really saying goodbye to bad memories in malaysia..i love to be here..with my new friends n my helpful seniors,life is amazing..i didnt take any pics these few days..excited about enjoying the new environment till i forget to capture every meaningful moment being spent here.

after all the pain,at least now i can smile,giggle sincerely..i dont mind what other people that know everything except the truth wanna say coz this one fine day will come n it's on that day the reality will hit those liars..truth speaks for itself and you know what,i can care less now..enjoying every single thing in my life..

i used to hate when people do not appreciate my effort to help but now i learn something..u treat people in a right way not because they're nice but because you are..this is a policy i'll abide thru out my life..nothing counts more than what i think about myself..n i love my family and my goood friends because i know there are people that do not know how to be nice and they just do :)