Friday, September 3, 2010

it's a blessing

piranha rocks!!!i love that movie.i mean it's waaaaay better than the descent2.watching two thriller movies in a week made me happy.yeay..thanks to hanizs and piang :))

bumped into quite a lot of familiar faces in klcc just now..:)) faris,felix,piang,farid,mando n amy of course:p

another 15 days before i left,if mara is efficient enough and being a able to grab the ticket that i'm asking for..i wont be coming back for atleast a one point or another after this year,we may bump into each other but at that time i think it wont be that hard to act normal.a year is not to soon to get over and not too long for healing process.just perfect :)

everlasting changes take time.given enough,adapting will not be that hard.i did what my dearest petsib told ayat dia 'kau jgn lah melongok je kt umah,keluar laaaa..enjoy!'

wpun sy xtau ape maksud melongok tp mgkn dr ayat tu what he meant was jgn duk rumah xwt pape..hahaha..

madam madalene once said,mask..given enough time will become the real face.fake a smile and eventually u wud find yourself smiling it does come from the depth of my soul.i enjoy the presence of my closest friends.everyone is offering me a shoulder to cry on but i refuse coz now what i need is just a smile on every faces i met and that would mean everything to me..

sometimes friends tell you things you wanna hear,only true friends would tell you the truth though it may hurt you in any way.i like like like what izzie said to me!will keep that in mind babe :))

the happiest person doesnt get the best of everything but she makesthe best out of everything she has :))

i'm not one of those kind that would let one thing destroys another.sounds cliche but yes,life must go on..
sy suke lagu kt blog sy ini..lagunye sgt positive..hahahaha..optimistic :)