Thursday, September 23, 2010

dont fight

when it happens that you know you have so little and yet you still have time to whine about it,it's not gonna make things any better.cry and you'll lose your tears or work it out and u r nearer to gain a little more than that little you have.we can go around saying things and make people believe what we actually have so much doubts about just to convince our own self that things suppose to happen that way..never did we know that actually deep down inside,everything is fading and one day we'll be tired.why not accepting the fact that it happens the other way but if it led to the same path why not?maybe it'll take a little longer,patience is all what we need..

it's forgivable if you let everyone hurts you but what's not is when you're hurting your own in denial is not gonna help..though how much you think you want something,if it's not meant to be,nothing you could ever do to change the fate that has been set for it.i say this coz i've been there,doing exactly the same thing.i do not regret but i hope you do not choose the same path as you need your strength to do other cant afford to screw it now and you know what,if you did the one you wish would care wont.we're selfish in our own ways but sometimes we try to lower it down so that we wud never look like a mean person.but dealing with this,be as selfish as possible for some things are meant to be left to happen on it's own.

some people need a strong hit from the reality to make them realise what's happening.i wish to be the cushion that would slow down the impact so that they would not get hurt as bad but seriously to have a second thought about it,i should not have interfered.they should feel it then they will learn how to be strong,how to drag themselves out of that tiny little hole so that they can breath freely again..

i'm leaving all and focusing on my self family and friends.when someone seeks for a different way of seeing thing,i can give one..but it's only when i have something worth giving.n dont force thing,coz those great one will just happen when you are not expecting anything.
babbling is my hobby but this time i mean it :)