Wednesday, September 8, 2010

bright side

my mom let me go to the buka puasa event,for the 1st time in my life i can go out till nite in kelantan without the supervision of my family member.yeay!they treat me like an adult now.but surely will not going to abuse that.

i met my friends,i was so excited till i didnt really feel like eating.meeting my closest friend,dayah really made my day.i told her everything that has been bothering me this i think i really know where this thing brings me relate everything that has happened,i can see a clearer picture now.dayah taught me a lot.from how to perform 'Khuf' and how to pray in the plane and also she told me something about fate.

i can see on which side i'm heading right now.i cant afford to stand in the middle trying to play safe when all i know now is that,only this side can help me to be who i was hoping to long time ago.i hope i'll be closer to that dream.

we're not immortal,anything can happen.watching a lady flew about 2 metres from the back of the bus to the front made me scared.if the time has come,nothing can stop it.i'm going to a foreign land in 10days.i dont wanna leave while having something being left unsettled. i dont wanna leave while any of us is feeling unsatisfied with one another.i wanna make things clear.i'll admit and apologise if i made mistakes.i'm human.sometimes i cant control my anger but i believe someday i'll deal with that kind of emotion's fluctuation well.i'll put aside my ego coz what is the most important thing is to find the inner's time to improve oneself and go back to a right track hopefully.

well,i learned a lot that i have my own plan for the next few years,academically,economically and socially,i hope my life would sail smoothly.sometimes it's good to evaluate things rationally.i'm 19.still a teenager but looking at things with a little bit of maturity is good.but of course i would still enjoy being a teenager.

ramadhan is coming to an end.syawal is approaching.i would like to take this opportunity to apologise for every wrong doings i've ever done before.


virgo_blue91 said...

good luck izni...I will pray for your success

nik idzni dalila said...

thanks jannah :)
will pray 4 u too...stdy hard n get urself to uk next yer :)