Saturday, September 25, 2010


the weather was pretty uncool was soooooo fingers were very numb at times but i did enjoy myself at the malaysian food's good to meet azri and amirah though it's just for few minutes.

i'm going for sightseeing this morning with my seniors.they're sooooooo nice
classes are fine so far,i slept in few lectures-sound so much like me huh?but i think i need to change that a bit..being a medical student mean i'm engaging myself in to a task that requires commitment and enthusiasm but but but i wont be a nerd..i dont want to..hehe..

well i bought 3 coats yesterday..went to oxford street.

the weather is killing me..i got very dry skin with angelina jolie's lips..oh my...haih...

hehehe...i'll get very busy next week..pbl and's time to get serious..



: nako : said...

3 coats, omg envy nya ;p

goodluck girl! :)

nabil_potter said...

Jalan2 di hujung minggu..:D

l bro m said...

dop sane jgn lupa tuhan
jgn lupa kat rumah kamu ada org yg selalu mndoakan ksjhteraan
walau jauh dr family
biar dekat dgn tuhan kamu

nik idzni dalila said...

nako..heeeeeeee...nk wt cmne..very cold..i need the coats
nabil...yup yup..jln2 :D
bro-insyaAllah xlupa..thanks igtkn :)

Notami said...

salam..hye dear! =) wish u da best in ur study!
dont be a nerd, ok! :p