Wednesday, September 15, 2010


at last everything has been settled.i've got my visa,my ticket and all the things i need to bring with me to london.guys,i'll be leaving on the 20th sept 2010!confirmed!

this whole process is really tiring.i need to get to so many places.but it's good,i learn how to do things on my own:D
i was quite scared going to visa centre this morning.i didnt want to get rejected,not after paying 1K!..i did few mistakes when i was filling up the form.i used the old version of the form and the photo,they stated not to have any border but mine has!it's either they're busy and did not really take into consideration about tiny little details or God helped me.i would go for the latter :)
the same goes to my driving test. when i was doing the BUKIT thingy,i forgot to turn off the engine but then i've got my P! thank God,i really appreciate all the good things that happened in my i said before,i might not get all what i want but i did get what i need :)

went to accompany someone to meet her future potential in laws..oh man!all my friends are getting involve in this serious rshp already..that makes me feel a bit awkward being in the same batch with different age!.i said something to someone before this-not gonna get involved with this anymore-but i this time around,i wont say anything.gonna let what supposed to happen,happens..

i can feel the excitation vibrating in my whole body.cant wait..really do!maybe because i dont need to worry about my visa and ticket anymore,so i have the whole me to be happy and feeling great about going off to uk real soon.