Friday, August 6, 2010


to the flower:
i cant stand having this feeling inside me.the need to let it out but i dont know how.u must hate me so much dont you?if i were you maybe i'll feel the same way.not even once did i ever think about hurting you directly or not.i know exactly how you feel but what can i do?left with no choice.maybe i do have.but more people will get hurt in the end.i'm sorry i might appear to be the most selfish person you've ever met.sorry wouldnt make it up to all the pain you've been through.but still i wanna say it out loud I'M SORRY:(.

i tried once not to be selfish but my decision hurt the person i care so much about so i coudnt do the same thing unless i'm sure that the person can be happy and better off with the decision.

but i think i can do something to atleast make things better.i'll try and we'll see how it goes.i remembered my fav line in eclipse 'if we're not natural enemy,i might like you'. but seriously i do like you.i like the way you put a smile on your face when everything around you is such a disaster.i adore that coz i'm the one who hardly hide my own feeling..

to the plant:

friendship is never wrong in my eyes you's just the way you manifest it that matters.if you can stay the way you're now,you can have both.i'm sorry if i'm the one who hold you back and make you feel uncomfortable but i didnt mean it that way.there are a lot of things that i said and you take it from the wrong view and i dont know how to explain to make you understand what i really meant.

to me:
i dont wish to look like an angel here trying to understand everyone's situation.All i want is just a little peace in guys have a huge obligation that requires a good communication between the two of you.just do whatever it takes to make it work.i'll try to be as understanding as possible.

one's fear of not winning the ******** is more than that of losing ** is not strong enough to make me think about myself all alone.

i had enough of being blamed for something as big as the future nor that i want to be blamed for destroying quarter dreams of all the people there!

:) peace no war!