Monday, August 30, 2010

welcome back :)

i was gone n now i'm back.with a new took me about 48 hours to actually realise that yes things should be this way long time ago but i didnt regret postponing was a great experience to actually learn from the hard way coz when things get easier,u would feel like u're being blessed and took care of :)

maybe this is the best and it starts to show.i'm glad that somehow my decision makes other people wasnt easy at first but it gets better each day.mcm mula2 blaja jalan laaah...kita start dgn merangkak,then bangun slow2 n then bertatih n skg da bleh berlari.

when i was crawling,i looked up hoping that there wud be hands that'll help to pick me up but then i realised that i needed to trust myself.of course i needed support from my fellow friends:)
then i tried to get up slowly and stood by took time and now i'm trying to train myself to run as far as i could so that no one can beat n chase me.

well,i'm proud of myself and i dont care what others might long as i have my friends with me,it's more than enough.they are like angels being sent to ease everything that seems impossible to deal with at first.

i dont wanna live in my illusions that would build the wall around me and stop me from seeing things the way i should.i've promised that it's gonna be my last tear and it does.getting over thing is not easy especially when you're really sincere but there are times in life that you just coudnt choose things to happen your way.but you can choose to mourn over or just smile n keep is a journey and i'm 19.too young to really take this as the end of everything.

credit should be given to all my friends.without you guys i'm that i can smile,sing and dance like i used to,i'm glad.and i really hope that this is the best for all..