Monday, August 16, 2010

xtau nk letak tajuk ape

what lies behind this blessing..
BCU and an ocean of tears!
what's BCU you may ask.My trial's result.
U-Mathematics *mybe bcoz they dont have M for grades!

it was a month away from the real exams and i cud never tell how miserable life was at the moment.Everything seemed so wrong and i cudnt stood still even for a minute without thinking of what would happen if my real result appeared to be that way. I was not strong enough to stop the tears from falling but i faked a smile every time i met my friend for i know they had their problems too,so i didnt want to bug them with mine. i did burst into tears in font of suman,azri,farid and kun in the RC,not being able to control my emotions. I called my mom and though she tried her best to hide the fact that she was disappointed,i could clearly heard that in her voice.
i didnt know what to do but i knew that i didnt want to waste my 2 years of doing A levels and ended up being in a place that i could go with my spm results. With a little faith left in me,i woke up from the nightmare and started to plan everything. i accepted the fact that 'YES,I DO NOT STUDY WELL FOR MY TRIALS! but i'm not going to let the same thing happens in the real exam!'

throughout the month,i was attacked with thousand of problems,insomnia and stuff.

looking back at those time really makes me feel grateful.maybe if i didnt get BCU for my trials,i would feel complacent and do not really it's true when people say everything happens for reason.

a junior asked for my chem notes the other day and i was like omg!i need to tell her a white i went on saying "sorry,i da bagi my junior all the notes"..
how could i give my note to others when all was written this way:

what is green energy?
green energy is the energy being obtained.....*copy suman

how does NMR function?

City Scan?
*nnti suruh hanizs terangkan

hahaha...i never knew i was THAT lazy..OMG!:S

and i still remember the night i went to kacau cik ALMAZ RUSLAN yg tgh study m1 n ktorg borak2 pdhal esoknya ade exam bio!

and the night before M1 exam when i slept at 4.30(not studying) after taking 2 panadol n woke up at 6.30 to get ready for the exam!crazy right.

and the day i fell sick just before bio paper 4 and i got a special medicine for my sorethroat!

hidup ni sbnrnya mmg mcm tu..ade sng ade ssh..kalau nk bersedih je spnjg mase,sampai bile..betul enjoy laaa selagi mampu..

*sy sgt2 berharap yg sy xkn jd medical student yang nerd..nk jd normal pls pls :)