Tuesday, August 31, 2010

more updates

i was done submitting my visa after being 'quarantined' in the visa centre for almost 10hours.what a long long day especially when i had nothing to do while waiting.

i was so frustrated with celcom yesterday coz i can text everyone except piang..piang cudnt receive my text msg and he needed to call me for updates.he really knw how to make me smile.i miss pathway moments disaat akak guard dtg n jerit NO ID!!!

i went to buy a new laptop,yeay..macbook pro seemed attractive enough to force me to go to the nearest atm :)

went to buka puasa at sunway pyramid.brought back all the memories but was dealing with it fairly well :)

n to sum1 that helps me so much about this 'fly' stuff,what to buy,where to go..thank you.

i'm so excited but scared at the same time.i'll be going to somewhere new,a place where i have no one there and i have to start making friends. but i promise,the old one would never be left behind.i have a lot of great friends. will definitely miss you guys but that is exactly how life spells itself.we met and at one point we'll be apart but remember we had good times together,so look foward for the next meeting k guys..

life is too short and time does fly.2 years in ky went in a split of a second.now is the new beginning of a new chapter in my life.gotta live it to the fullest.

nak pack ape nk bw ni pun xtau..haih..bleh x if g bw diri je n fulus of course..mls laaa nk pack,bukan x excited tp malas je..hahaha