Thursday, August 26, 2010

last visit

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ALMAZ SHIKIN ATI and's not that long since we know each was the end of 4th sem i guess but you guys are so special to me.Thanks for being one of the stars that shine up my life.idzni da anggap korang macam sibling sendiri and skg time korang kt kelas,idzni tulis ni untuk korang.i really appreaciate the way you guys treat me.and by all means idzni doakan korang sume dapat fly ke uk.

and to Almaz,thank you so much for being with me.after all that has happened,idzni harap we'll stay the way we are.i dont know how to put in in words but seriously,u're being so nice to me.thank you thank you!

it is sad to knw that this might be my last time seeing korg tp promise me kalau ade mase hantar idzni kt airport ok!

n most importantly tggu idzni balik lagi 9bulan(xg lagi da pike nak balik daa..)almaz-tggu idzni 9 bln je bkn 11 :p

i love you guys so much.take a good care of yourself and i guess see you guys in a year time.will be missing you all soooooooo badly..


shikingojes. said...

gonna miss idzni too..
x penah ada senior sebest idzni.huhu.
do take care and tggu ktorg tau?

anati said...

idzniiiii. rinduuuuu :(

♪ almaz ♪ said...

idzni!!! ney msti update kat lapt0p almaz kan? hee. and yeah..quality vs quantity, quality wins. even kte start rpt lmbt pn, we've kn0wn each other well =)) hehe betul2. 9 bulan je tggu idzni. 11 org laen. hee~ take care kay? imy l0ads already =((

*s0rry bwak sesat kl smlm =D*

nik idzni dalila said...

shikin-of course idzni tunggu..msti fly uk..idzni doa!amin..:)
ati-idzni pun rindu sgt2:(
almaz-ahaaaaaaa..betul..quality...korang sume tc k...miss you tooooooooo:((

hahaha..sorry sbb nk anta idzni kita sesat..huhu