Tuesday, August 31, 2010


after 2 n a half months i finally get to see my besties..izziara mohd yusoff.how i wish we're in college again.when i have problems,i wud head to L44,my second chalet.she wud be there :)
i remembered last time,after m1 paper,she slept in my room to keep me company after seeing me with my sad face watching the game plan..hahaha..wrong expression for such a funny movie..she has her own ways of looking at things and she stick to her stand firmly.that's what i adore the most not to mention her heartless expression :)
tomorrow is going to be another good day.i'm gonna spend it with my hottest gf ever.nik madihah mohd al faisal.maddy stood by me every time i need someone to listen to my problems. she's the best!

i dont know if it's a coincidence or not but if it is,it's a BIG one.these few days i was brought to the places that i used to go with this one person.i think God is trying to test my strength,really or maybe He is helping me to actually let go of the past.one after another,n of course it triggers back all those moments but i think i'm a bit stronger now.no one should know what i have in mind but seriously i'm happier.these things really do open my eyes.it takes a great courage to actually step out from the comfort zone for the fact that i'm afraid of the uncertainty that lies ahead..

and and and my theory is being proven again.YES! i just need another two week to actually prove that my hypothesis should be accepted.like like like:)))
rase mcm main worewolf dan sy adalah cupidnya..oh bahagia melihat mereka..jika misi penculikan ini berjaya,sy ishtiharkan diri ini sebagai perompak terbaik negara sempena merdeka ini :))

there are a lot of things that make me happy these few days and i didnt expect it to.i mean knowing my own self for about 19 years,i guess this is the weird-est phase in my life.blessing in disguise i bet.anyhow just like my nicest petsib said,a smile can brighten up the gloomiest day :)
a smile yg sekechik kechik itu pun mampu inikan pula yg sebesar alam...

10 malam terakhir ramadhan-these are the nights that most of us are waiting for..use it wisely and u'll never regret it :)