Friday, August 27, 2010

2nd thought

to come to think of the fact that i've got most of the goals i wanna achieve this year except for that one,i shoudnt have been so disappointed isnt it?i should be grateful.

let's forgive n ckp maaf ni bkn utk org lain tp utk kite sendiri..whats the point of being mad about something you coudnt change...lebih baik maafkan n lupakan..lgpun i dont like to blame others for what happened to me..i shud b responsible for things i've choosen before this that lead to where i am now..mungkin ade kekurangan dimana2,mungkin khilaf sy juga so tidak mengapalah...biar yg berlalu menjadi kenangan..cewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

skg kita mulakan hidup baru....nk settlekan bnda mara cpt2..dpt n flyyyyyyyyyy...:)


♪ almaz ♪ said...

owh please j0m sh0pping again!!