Friday, July 30, 2010

waiting-this might be a pathetic entry

a simple verb but does have a very big impact you see.All of us are waiting for the perfect one to come,falls on his knees and tells us how much he needs and how much we mean to him.some might say,oh i dont need men in my life but deep down in their tiny little hearts,dreams of meeting their mr right do exist.

waiting can be so tiring and life is never does give you some break.when you thought u've met the right one,you find yourself not waiting anymore.then we make a vow to be loyal and try our best.but we forget things easily.being together is not only about happiness for the joy and pain of a relationship is an inseparable twin.we need to prepare ourselves to meet the rain n shine,going through thick or thin.

i wonder,what if he's your prince charming but u're not his Cinderella or vice versa? maybe it's just an illusion.maybe you THINK he's the one but how can you ever be sure about that can be a sign for you to start waiting again.yes it takes some people to meet the wrong person before he can really appreciate the right one.i feel grateful if i'm the right one but i also do feel honoured if i can be the wrong person for the fact that i know at least i help you to do the right things after this.

girls do not wait forever.we cant help it.

i understand if you dont get it but one day if you're in my shoes,you'll spell life the way i'm doing.


♪ almaz ♪ said...

its n0t a pathetic p0st fyi =))

nik idzni dalila said...

haha...i hope it isnt toooo:)

shikingojes. said...

we always hope that we'll be the Cinderella for our so-called Prince Charming kan? :')

nik idzni dalila said...

we do:)
though sometimes we try not to coz we're afraid of being disappointed,deep down the hope is still there...