Thursday, July 15, 2010


something very important but no easy to should be earned.thousand promises wont be enough to let the suspicious thoughts to fade away but only one mistakes can actually destroy the trust that has been achieved.that's exactly how life is.hundred of good deeds can be forgotten by only one wrongdoing.

i trust you,i did and i still do.please do not betray my honest no matter how hurtful it can be coz the ugly truth is always better than the best-dressed lie!

i have my flaws.that's why i can tolerate others' as well but everything has its limits remember.

i think it's fair if i'm worried about this coming week.once bitten,twice as shy.but will keep that away from my mind.

life is fair.i'm happy..but quite worried looking at the calendar.everything depends on you oh august 12..

it'll be amazing if i can shut down part of my brain stopping them from thinking or remembering things i wish i dont..