Friday, July 2, 2010

pluto :)

i didn't mean it that way sayang, don't be disappointed with what i've said. cause you know i always say the wrong thing, but i hope you know i just wanted to make you feel better. i've started to let go of the past, and trust me i won't be haunted again. i'm looking forward to the future. you know how much i'm scared by being so far away from you, but i hope we can make it thru. by all means, i just wanted you to be yourself, if you wanna share anything, share, laugh if you think its funny (jangan *krooh krooh la) and cry if you feel sad. i dont want you to be something you are not when you are with me. oh, and i'm sorry if i can't change this and make things better because i may know how to change it but i didn't realise it, or i even didn't know how to change it. i know i always said sorry to you, and i don't even know that the word sorry still holds a value as i used it too often, but act before this, i didn't used the word so u chnged smthing. haha. anyway. goodnite baby, you always know i miss you, even if i say it or not. remember that always. :)