Friday, July 9, 2010


public display of affection(PDA) is the demonstration of affection to other person it wrong to do so?i'm not talking about kissing or hugging in public but this is more to openly express feelings through fb,twitter,blog and etc.

it depends on you really coz i dont think it's wrong to tell people how you feel but to think from the other side,it might annoy people who's viewing that accidentally or if that appears in their newsfeed(in case of fb!).

there are several reasons why people join this PDA group.
- the need to tell how important that person is
-a way of appreciating that special someone
-reduce the chances of the other person to cheat on you
-to tell other people*back off!she's mine!*
-to strengthen the relationship

i'm not a PDA girl but just for sometime i kinda like being one.PDA does not only include saying i love you or i miss you in public but it can also mean showing great care about someone.i dont mind when people know i care about someone coz somehow it can stop the hi-hi-can-i-know-u-better thingy.

the one who prefer to keep it low of course has great reasons too right.