Thursday, July 8, 2010

oh no!

germany :(
but it's okay :)
try again next time..


looking for too much of what is so called perfection?
ths topic is so interesting.i steal this from my sister's blog.

nothing wrong about demanding and choosing for certain criteria in a person you wish to spend the rest of your life with right?of course everyone has to carefully think and evaluate so that the relationship built can last longer.
some people opt for the richest guy while the other is craving for look..but the most important thing is the inner beauty.well,it's often said even the worst guy in this world dreams to have a good kind-hearted wife.

i love to ask some married couple about their love teaches me that love comes in various way..sometime you can expect it but most of the time you just cant.
one thing for sure,when it comes,you can never say no.
my mom and my dad do not know each other until it was a week before their's not literally an arranged marriage but kinda i think.someone told my father about my mom and he sent people to ask my mom to be his wife and i have no idea how could my mom say yes to a man that she never knew?that's love my dear.that's how God beautifully planned and up till now,they're happy.

but for some people,the need to really know the partner before deciding to tie the knot is one of the most important thing need to be done.this is something we need to respect.of course,how could you live with someone you barely known right?it's possible but it takes a great courage to do it.a great faith n trust too.

but not all the stories are like fairy tales..not all have a happy ending.from arranged marriage to the couple that have been together for a very long time,there will be a risk of breaking up or getting divorce.that's can never know exactly what will happen in the future right.but what people said "as long as you believe and give your best,everything(or most of the things) will come your way" attracts me.

one of my best friends is getting engage to her bf(of course!) this week.omg!
i never knew that it would be tihs early.Nur liyana yusoff,i wish you all the happiness in this world and the hereafter.;)

'marriage is finding someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life'-anonymous


gabriel said...

As Sir Harry Lauder said, ah jist intend tae keep right on to the end of the road ...