Saturday, July 10, 2010

i have to say goodbye

no matter how hard it is,no matter how deep my feeling towards you,i have to say's not easy but i have no without you is like i'm losing a part of me.i hope what i'm doing is the best for us.i'm gonna miss you so much but time heals everything,isnt it?goodbye to my laptop,camera and .broadband.:(

and goodbye to my sisters.i'll be all alone..

Most of my friends are turning 20 this year and i cant beleive the fact that everyone is talking about marriage,engagement and etc.the least is to bring the partner to meet the family.OMG!i’m just a year younger but i think the way we look at this thing is waaaay too guys are too advance..maybe because of the number 2 in your age right?feel much older?hehehe

But i’m happy for you guys..i’m expecting for invitations in 5 years time okay:p..this news really makes me feel a lot younger.
To think that a few decades ago,it’s a norm to get married as early as 12 makes me think that the earth does spin and it seems like we’re moving to that era again with much more sophisticated technology..
Korang nnti kalau kawin jgn lupe jemput ;)))


anati said...

Idzni pun kalau kahwin jangan lupa jemput tau! :D

nik idzni dalila said...

hahaha...of course tp idzni rase ati kawin lg awal sbb idzni lmbt hbs blaja :p