Wednesday, July 7, 2010


wooooot wooooot

since when did i like football this much?hahaha..i think it's the boredom of being at home with nothing much to be done except few daily-common things.
As world cup started,for a beginner like me,i needed to pick a team to support right?
so that's what i did.with nothing in mind,i mean no idea at all about football i choosed germany..and up till now this team never disappointed no,they did once when they met serbia if i'm not mistaken.tripple thumbs up for germany!!!!!!!
Goodluck for tonight..though muller wont be able to play,i hope i can count on you klose :)
i really hope that i can watch the match but i have driving class 2mrw...arghhhhhhhhh...
anyhow,GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!beat spain like u did to england and argentina pls:)
p/s:to spain's supporter,dont be offended by ths post okay ;)