Friday, July 16, 2010


i have a lot of friends that i can count on you see...a lot..they always offer me a shoulder to cry on but i cudnt write about them all.this post is specially created to my best best friends.the one that i know will always be there no matter what happens.they've seen my true colours,my piles of tears and my tonnes of happiness.we share and tell each other about almost anything.i can never thank them enough for being with me all the time through rain or shine and seriously guys,you are my strength.your words heal my wound and let the scars fade away.i do hope that we'll be friend forever love!

Nur Liyana Yusoff *Yana*

i met her when i was in form 4.we're in the same class back then.i love her!she's like a girl and a woman at the same time..she's happy go lucky and always smile.whenever she has any problem,she's so calm.this relationship had once be tested by a very huge obstacle but up till now we're still best friend,so i guess we survive that horrible phase yana!

Farah Amalina Azianti *farah*

Farah is also a happy go lucky girl.she always smile.i remembered spending about 30 days of Ramadhan with this girl..she ate a lot but never put on weight.she's very honest,like when i was a little bit chubby after spm..she came to sleepover at my house and the first thing she said when we met was nik,chubbynya...gano bleh naik berat gini ni?hahaha...she's a very very good person.i miss you!really do...

Nurul Nakiah Abdullah *nako*

Nako!i met her when i need to change my class to her class because of this one particular teacher that happened to not liking me and spread the words to the headmaster.oh God!that's the most terrible situation i've ever come across with.Thank God i have you with me.i remembered bicthing about the teacher(sorry miss N***,but seriously i do appreciate what you taught me!)...she's very friendly.she always come to my house n i do the same thing.we can talk about,boys,girls,shopping..u name it.darl,i misss you!!!!!!!

Khairul Anam *Anam*

Anam is someone special in my life.he's very childish but i like the way he comes to me and tell me his problems.we're classmate when i was in form 4.he was there for me when i had a very BIG problem in PC.he's nice but quite a playboy type.he changes his girlfriend every 4 or 5 months.he's very brave.he talks a lot!

Izziara Yusoff *izzie*

we met during a camp held in's like a camp for school leaders coming from mrsm.we're in the same room but i can hardly recall that when we met again in KYUEM.
In Kyuem,during the induction week,i was given the treasurer post for batch anniversary and she happened to be my assistant. from that moment,we're like an inseparable twin.i like the way she deals with things.she's very decisive.she knows what she wants.n she understands me very well.she's like my real you dear.hope we'll make it to LONDON and we can be together again!