Saturday, July 17, 2010

back up plan

you must have at least a back up plan!..says a's like preparing yourself so that you know what to do when the original plan is not working.
i'm a cross-the-bridge-when-i-come-to-it type of person.not to mention,stubborn too.

i remembered when everyone in my high school was considering which course to take after spm and what i did was yawning and went off to bed.when people asked,i would say it depends on my result.why bothering about that when you didnt even know whether you're academically capable of applying to that course or not.the other side of the argument would be,you've got to choose what you want then you'll know what to do and study hard to achieve the grades needed.i followed my way and bam!,when the result is announced,i was at my wit's end on choosing the course.i didnt have any ambition at that moment,nothing attracted me.

my father had been telling me every single day(exaggeration)since i was in form 4 that he really wanted me to be a doctor and i said NO!i did not just say no,i gave him thousand of excuses but i ended up filling every form with this course(there're only 2 forms..UPU n MARA)
most of my friends applied for few scholarships and i just applied for one.why didnt i think about back up plan?only God knows.

enrolling in kyuem really changed me.i was never a person that would bother about the future as much as i did in kyuem.everything must have a back up plan..and i actually learned to plan my future first back up plan was when i took my AS chemistry in june..only 16 of us took it and i was afraid as everyone was talking about how hard chemistry was.i didnt want to resit coz i had to pay for that but i couldnt predict the future.i didnt want my parents to pay for that so i saved my allowance just in case but alhamdulillah,i didnt need to use it.

then i started preparing for my medical interviews,doing research on lotsa topics everyday.i couldnt beleive it was me!i planned up to 5 years after graduation.i filled every form that was given to me.ucas,numed,iumc...coz i was afraid to not getting any offer.

now that i've finished my a level,already got my placement in university,i just need 3A's to complete everything.God helps me.i'm scared.
Mom said,dont worry.everything will be fine.if things do not turn out your way,just remember God knows best and he's planning for something that suits you.accept what has been fated for you wholeheartedly.

the need of having a back up plan depends on individual.


i dont like uncivilized could you smoke in a lift?come on..smoking in enclosed public area is not allowed!if you want to kill yourself,go ahead but please do not bring others with you.passive smokers stand a higher chance to get affected by those pollutants.have a heart,please. and one more thing,i really dont understand men who walk into the ladies coach without feeling awkward.that's weird.. out of topic i know tp geram..haha :)


anati said...

Oh Idzni. Kita sangatlah sama. Me too, more like a just-go-with-the-flow person. Why bother writing out your life plans on a piece of paper when you know that life is full of uncertainties and unexpected turns, right?
Tapi haihh, idzni pun dah jadi rajin fikir back up plans, guess I have to follow suit lah ni. Urgh malasnya nak jadi rajin.

nik idzni dalila said... is full of suprises..planning or thinking too much bout the future can kill the joy of the ble umur dah ke arah 20(haih,terase tua sbb kwn2 da 20)kena plan sket je...hahaha...;))