Friday, July 16, 2010

4 hours of happiness

this will never be enough to actually compensate for the time we will be apart but then at least it makes both of us happy.thank you for making my day.

today i discovered something.i'm not good at remembering direction. no wonder i keep on asking my driving teacher which way to go though i've been driving in the same road over and over again every day!i shall start activating my brain back otherwise i'm not getting any license before i'm off to wherever i'll go after this..

i'm on the cloud 9 today..haha.this sunday i'm off to sister's house...i'm missing my two nieces.and i'm looking foward for cooking lessons..yeay!cant wait.

then i'll be back in KL or more precisely selangor for my btn..5days of torture with classes or lectures about politics in Malaysia..and right after that i'm going to attend MOC for 4 days..then i'll go back to kelantan on the 3rd of August 2010 with a huge hope and desire to complete my driving license and get a P.

Quite a tight schedule i have..


♪ almaz ♪ said...

fakta mengatakan bahawa perempuan punya sense of directi0n mmg lg teruk dr lelaki. so its n0rmal cuz we're in the same b0at actually =D

nik idzni dalila said... tu yg almaz anta pun idzni slh jln,dia anta pun salah juga...haih...nk kena start hfl jln ni..;)