Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 weeks

within these 2 weeks since i left college,a lot of things happened,really.

God knows how many times i need to go to the post office,clinic,hospital and etc to actually complete my letter of good conduct and health declaration forms..oh.never knw that it's not easy not make my way to chase my dream.

sometimes,i heard a soft voice within whispers telling me not to give up.n finally i managed to complete it all.

while taking back my breath after few days being busy settling all the uni thingy,here it comes my beloved sponsor informing that the date for my BTN is not confirmed yet.i need to wait and keep on waiting..kalau xg btn,xleh fly :(
so,hopefully pn shahida can find the place where she can put our name on the list..currently,all places are full..:(

result is a month away.gotta pray hard ths time..oh God,help me:)

in 3 days time,i'll be alone in ths house..alone means me n my parent..
my sisters are going to their universities.one taking my laptop n camera,the other one takes my broadband.perfect!i'll have nothing to do except watching tv n texting..

dear God,i want the time to fly coz i cant stand being at home doing nothing except putting on weight.but,i'm not ready for result..

but its beyond my control.