Tuesday, June 8, 2010

wooooot woooooot :))))

i'm done with all my 6 papers..hurray..let's not talk about exams anymore.just pray and hope for the best.

now i'm in my new chalet with my lovely chaletmates,abby,izzie and over.they still have papers but then it feels so alive to be here.it's jut for a week+ coz farrah went back n she let me use her room.weeeeeeeeeeeeeee;))))

well,i dont know what to do now.no classes,no more stdying for atleast 2 months..what should i do.

a lot of things happened these few days.sometimes i feel sooooo tired.i really am.thinking about the future that i never know how it'll be like.

for how long i can stand,we shall see.but if it ends it really does this time.i'm gonna start to learn and live without it.step foward and never look back.