Monday, June 28, 2010

the time is urs

this is more than enough (:
to make me feel quite strong and it'll be quite a good foundation for the future hopefully.

life is unpredictable..
n mysterious...

i dont happen to have the wish to solve the puzzle right now.
a great thg needs a great effort to make it real..
so let's just take our time n have fun..
if the ending is not good,atleast in between the starting point and the final mark
lies good memories..oh well,easier said than done i knw but we can try :)

the journey is long,sometimes it can be longer or shorter..
there will be lotsa thgs we need to face but dont let it fear you too much coz remember,cross the bridge only when u come to it.

i'm listening to put a ring on it by beyonce n then back to your heart by backstreetboys..

one is about a girl that is up to another guy coz she's tired of the previous one.n the latter is about a guy trying to get back to the girl..interelated..hahaha..
one answers another! :)


gabriel said...
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