Tuesday, June 1, 2010

it's time

in life,sometimes you need to just forget about all the pointless drama in order to be happy.start counting your blessings.yes,there are times when you just couldnt have what you really really want but guess what?when you rethink about it,maybe it's not what u need after all.God answers prayers in 3 ways,maybe more but these are the obvious three.
1-Yes and Now
2-Yes But Not Now
3-No and He replaces it with the better one.

to think that i've come this far,giving up is not an option at all.i'll just go with the flow and see how things go.i cant afford to spend my life mourning over something i want but incapable of having.i need to learn how to let go.i need to learn how to appreciate myself better.when i can have my own respect,others will follow.

another 6 days before my last paper..i seriously hope that everything will be just fine.i wonder how things will be like a year ahead.i'm scared but that doesnt mean it'll stop me from taking my steps foward.it's not that i cant accept changes in mylife,but sometimes i prefer a few things to remain in its original position coz that is more than enough to make me feel happy.