Thursday, June 24, 2010

i'm sorry

tick tock tick tock...
it has been so long since we last text or chat but i dont know why after some time u juz come out from nowhere and give me something so called friendship.yes,that's the most i can give at ths moment.please do not intend to ask for more.i gave you my heart once and you decided to break it.i mended it with the help of few good friends and now what do you want?what's the point of making me remember all the good times we shared coz u did not even consider those when u broke my heart.i'm not blaming any of us for what had happened nor that i'm regretting but i juz want to forget it all.we're all good being apart and we're going to stay that way..i dont know what will happen in da future but for now,that's final..u and me-we're friend:)..

i'm not losing faith in love but yeah sometimes trust does fade.when u've tried ur best n nothing change,u start to give up.holding on too long makes letting go becomes easier when u have the gut to do it.sometimes what you think you want the most is not what u need at,dont be greedy.start appreciating what you have-n i'm not one of them.