Thursday, June 10, 2010

:) :(

i'm happy:)
thank you.dun doubt my feelings when you dont even know yours.

can you hear my heartbeat?
do you notice how fast it is?
coz i'm scared
n i keep thinking

how to make things work?
how to survive ths one year?
how to make you stay?
how to sustain my own feeling?

would fate has a different story to tell?
would you have a different path to take?

if things go the other way,
nothing much i could do.
i knw i can close my eyes to thgs i dun wanna see but i definitely cannot close my heart to thngs i dont wanna feel.
no matter how hurt or how happy i would be,i have nothing to is like gambling.u'll never know what u'll get in the end.u can only try and hope that luck wants to be in your side.
but one thing i know is that either way has its own risk.which one is worth taking is yet to be known:)