Friday, June 4, 2010

1 more paper to go!cant wait!
another 2 weeks in ky.mixed feelings.i know i will miss my friends so much.they're like my own family.but leaving ky means i'm a step ahead towards achieving my goal.hopefully on the 12th of august 2010,i'll be treated well.please God,that's the most important thing coz i'm here with a very big responsibility.i want to make my parents happy.i know i'm not the world's greatest daughter,but fulfilling their dream is my way of expressing my gratitude for everything and also a way of saying i'm sorry for my flaws.dealing with me is not easy,i know but ma and ku,trust me.if i were given a chance,with time,i'm gonna pay you back.all the endless love u've given me,u'll get it back insyaAllah:)..

being in ky for almost 2 years is like a life full of blessings.i complained a lot but i could not deny the good side of it.let's not talk about academic wise..
i have so much fun being around people like kammy,izzie,maddy,over,abby..they're like angels.they give me their shoulders to cry on.they smile and tell me evrything's gonna be ok when life sucks.they hug me when tears roll down my would my life be without all these people?

hairul,the best petsib ever.he supports me everytime i fall.he doesnt get angry even if i fall because of the same reason.he'll be there for me.calling me at some nights when i tried to hide my tears saying it's ok to cry and you can always share your sadness with me.when i'm not well,i'll get lotsa medicines and cards.every single paper that i need to sit,i'll get a good luck wish and a smile.everytime i'm upset with anything,even if it's just a small matter,i'll get chocolates.thanks petsib.i wish you all the happiness in life and like we've promised,we'll be petsib forever:)

felix and piang.these two guys are more like my little brother.sometimes they do behave like they're older than me but it's just sometimes.they come to me with hundreds of love problems to be settled.they trust me and that is the best thing in friendship.i did go to them when i need advices or when i need to see things from guys' point of view.they've helped me alot.

maba,the weird one.he's a good friend.whenever i need something to make me laugh he'll never run out of supply.he'll be there.always.

i cant afford to write about everyone but seriously i'll miss you guys so much..i know i will.