Monday, May 10, 2010

when all is said and done

i'm speechless.dunno what to do or how to do it.i have no idea what am i facing right is not treating me well these few days but i'm glad that my academic side is quite stable and i can still breath.

Thanks hairul azim,nik madihah,kammy kamaruzaman and faiz irwan for being with me all the time.petsib,thanks for the lovely card and the know me well to be able to cheer me up during this particular worries petsib,i’ll keep my promise.we’ll visit bandung together nanti.

Well,i just need my sleep to be normal right now.biological clock needs to be set so that my sleeping time is at 12am till 4am and 12.45pm till 3.45 lunch and no dinner.i dun wanna get myself out of this lovely,no worries.i’ll get my food stock ready,say no to gastric attack.

I need time for myself but i think i’ll do some sports like jogging and jogging and jogging coz that’s the only thing i can do and know how to do.

Bio paper 5 is in 4days..i really hope to do well.will try mybest.i had 3 m1 tests in the last few days.the marks were quite ok but i hope to do better in my real exam.48,50,47..average score=48.3..
The result for my trials was really a wake up call..thank you for that.
distractions,where are you when i need you the most?
it'll be amazing if i can shut down part of my brain and let the other half works.


Hairul Azim Abdul Rashid said...

petsib, aku rindu zaman2 kita pet family rapat together. :)

nik idzni dalila said...

kaaaaaannnnn....tu laaaa...bilaa fly dah jauh..da xleh lepak kafe library or even love tunnel..hahaha..