Thursday, May 27, 2010

what i've seen in pluto:)

people can say anything for they only know a little and act like they know every single's too early for me to conclude anything but after 6 months,i think there are some things in pluto that really make me wanna stay.i wouldnt bear with all this obstacles to know that just these little things might affect the way i look at it. within ths 6 months,we've been thru a lot,trying to fit ourselves and understand eachother better.why would i stand all these if i see nothing in that person.if what that person has shown in ths 6 months was really coming sincerely from the bottom of the heart,i know i'll be happy one matter how bad it appears to be,i beleive deep down in ur little tiny muscular myogenic organ,u have something that others dont.u have something coz in your life,i know u've learned a lot.u juz need time to put all these lessons together and one day,u'll b the man of every girl's dream.