Saturday, May 1, 2010

thank you

she just ruined my entire weekend maybe.wth?????she knew me well to be able to attack my weakest point.the wound started to heal and she just pulled the scar off and now it's bleeding.more than it used to be.i cudnt defend myself,i mean how cud i, coz it's not something that i cud change.i remembered a scene in my fav muvi.the girl was saying that she wants sum1 that can defend her in front of i know how important it is.

no one to be blamed but myself for being this vulnerable,for letting it to overcome my emotion.i'm a human,remember?i cant choose what i would feel if it happens this way but i can learn so that in da future it wont hurt this much.i'm not blaming anyone but myself seriously.

sum1 told me,in life i need to learn how to heal the wound i dun deserve.