Monday, May 24, 2010

please be fine

it feels so bad when i coudnt be with you at the most stressful time,i'm sorry.if only u knew how much i would want to juz run out of my math class and be right beside you.maybe i cant tell u anything that can make u feel better but i just hope my presence will somehow make u feel a little bit aesy about what's going on.but unfortunately i didnt,i couldnt.i'm sorry.i'm useless i'm sorry.i didnt say i wanna be with you coz you need me the most but i just wanna be with u're unreachable.from the book it said that maybe u wanna go to the cave.i'm not sure what to do.i texted u but u didnt reply me so i guess u need sometime to be has been a bit too hard for both of us these few days but i do hope that u'll never ever give up.there must be atleast a reason why it happened this way..hang in there.i'll be here if u need me.anytime.